Build on Smooth, Even Land

Schedule land grading and stump grading services in Woodstock, GA

Building on uneven land can result in major structural issues down the line. That's why you should hire Metro Stump Grinding for land grading services in the Woodstock, GA area. Our team can use heavy-duty excavators and bulldozers to level your land in a timely manner.

Grading your land can:

  • Help keep your foundation from shifting and sinking
  • Help prevent drainage issues and land erosion
  • Make it easier to install hardscaping features
Reach out right away to arrange for land grading services. Our yard grading specialists will be happy to answer any questions.

Stump grading is just as important as grinding

If you recently had a stump removed from your yard, you need stump grading services. After a stump is ground up, the remaining wood in the earth breaks down and naturally causes a depression in the ground. We'll level out the land by:

  • Grinding the stump down
  • Filling the hole with dirt or mulch
  • Removing all excess debris
After our yard grading services, you'll never know the stump was there. Contact us today to make arrangements.