We Grind Up Dangerous Stumps

Our stump grinding company in Canton, Woodstock, Oak Grove & Cherokee County, GA gets rid of stumps

Stumps aren't just an eyesore - they can also be a danger. You don't want to worry about your children tripping on the stump while they're playing outside. No need to worry - Metro Stump Grinding can fix the problem. Our stump grinding company uses a grinding machine to crush the stump down so that it's no longer a hazard.

Many people avoid getting stump grinding services because they think it could be costly. This is a common misconception as grinding is much cheaper than traditional stump removal methods. Call today for a free estimate on our stump grinding services in Canton, Woodstock, Oak Grove & Cherokee County, GA.

The stump grinding process

Our process is simple and cost-effective. Once we've arrived at your property, we'll:

  1. Inspect the stump
  2. Give you a free estimate
  3. Grind the stump down to lawn level or deeper if requested
We recommend getting stumps ground 4-6 inches deep if you're planting grass or deeper if you plan to add a tree or plant. Hire the team at our stump grinding company today.