Is Your Yard Sinking In?

You need sinkhole repair services from a reliable company in Canton, Woodstock, Oak Grove & Cherokee County, GA

Nobody wants to deal with a sinkhole in their yard. They're unsightly and can also be dangerous if not taken care of in a timely manner. Metro Stump Grinding offers sinkhole repair services in Canton, Woodstock, Oak Grove & Cherokee County, GA.

There are two ways to fix the sinkhole:

  1. Filling. We can add dirt into the sinkhole and level it out for a temporary fix.
  2. Excavation: We can fully excavate the sinkhole then refill and level the area for a permanent fix.
We recommend our second sinkhole repair option so you never have to worry about the problem again. Schedule sinkhole repair services today.

The importance of fixing sinkholes

Is that sinkhole in your backyard getting out of hand? If it looks like you installed a pool when you never actually did, you need sinkhole repairs fast. Here are three reasons to call us for sinkhole repair services:

  1. A sinkhole will devalue your home
  2. A sinkhole is a safety hazard
  3. A sinkhole can damage your house forever
Don't sit back while the sinkhole destroys your property. Count on Metro Stump Grinding to fix it.